Vandana & Jai (Parents)

"Our daughter joined The In-Tuition Centre in grade 7 (2014) with the aim of preparing and taking up the Selective Entry School Exams (SESE) in grade 8 (2015). She took an immediate liking to the teaching methods as well as the tutors proficiencies. As she progressed through the semesters, we began noticing a marked change in her academic growth. The In-Tuition Centre works towards imparting knowledge that first grounds the students in fundamental concepts and then builds on this foundation. When Cecilia took over the specialised preparation for SESE exams, the intensity picked up and the course structure reinforced what the students might expect in the real exam. The repeat tests and feedback proved invaluable. Flexibility on part of The In-Tuition Centre to accommodate any lapsed classes by adjusting at one of their other centres is also deeply appreciated. Our daughter has achieved excellent results and has been admitted to Mac Robertsons’ High School. We thank Cecilia and her team for the effort they have put into moulding the students growth and success. If you are considering sending your child for tuition (just as we did in 2014), we would highly recommend The In-Tuition Centre."