Thanushri Shanmuganathan (Student)

“I enrolled into The Intuition Center Selective Entry Course with one clear goal in mind, which was to obtain entry into The Mac. Robertson Girls' High School. I was prepared to work hard to see myself achieving this goal. Cecilia's course was an extremely valuable resource that led me in the direction of my success. Each lesson was structured well and the work allowed every piece of knowledge to be learned effectively. I found myself retaining information that otherwise would have been easily forgotten. There were plenty of insightful tips that were helpful beyond measure, with regards to the exam itself. Cecilia's teaching was very clear and was delivered in a manner that was easy to understand. My weaknesses were perfected to the best of my ability and by the end of the course, I knew that I was prepared; so much so that when it came to the actual exam, I was relaxed and the whole experience was straightforward. This course went beyond academic learning, enriching my general knowledge greatly. The skills and knowledge that I have acquired will continue to be useful in the future.”