Niranjanaa A. (Student)

The 20-week selective entry course, was very informative, and Cecilia was very knowledgeable, and saw everything, not as only a tutor, but as a student as well. She was well informed, and knew exactly when we needed a break, as the amount of material we needed to learn was prodigious. She not only taught us formulas and vocabulary words, but provided us with a cornucopia of tips and techniques, ingenious methods  to surpass the most complicated of questions, the most puzzling of prompts. She taught us to never “tell, but show”, and that “large numbers are not ever a reason to be afraid, for they are just masks for the most simple of questions.” I enjoyed my time at the Centre very much.

(Niran was offered a place at the prestigious The MacRobertsons’ GHS for 2018)