Nilani (Parent)

"The first time we heard of The In-Tuition Centre was via a pamphlet in our letterbox. My son was the one who was initially interested and asked us to enrol him, as he was in the process of preparing for his Year 9 selective Entry exams. We were skeptical as the course was only for 6 months, however we decided to give it a go as my son was interested. We enrolled him in the Year 9 Selective Entry program. Straight away we were very impressed with the way Cecilia handled the class and the interaction she had with the students. The material provided was very comprehensive. Consequently after 3 weeks we decided to also enrol our daughter into the Year 10 Selective Entry class. Both the courses were intense but the material was thorough. Both of them had weekly English, Maths and Writing homework to do. I found that the work provided kept them busy and challenged. All of their writing tasks were corrected weekly and feedback was given back each week. I could see the improvement with their school tasks over the time they were undertaking their respective courses. If they missed a lesson due to school commitments we were able to catch up with Cecilia’s recorded lessons. At the end of the course the revision and trial exams were also very comprehensive and detailed. My son got into Melbourne High School Year 9 Entry and daughter got into Mac.Rob Year 10 Entry. We are so thrilled and thankful that we found Cecilia and The In-Tuition Centre. We will definitely be using The In-Tuition Centre for both the kids during their VCE years."