Nataliya Allen (Parent)

"If you are looking for a tutoring centre to prepare your children for Selective Entry Schools Examination, I would definitely recommend The In-Tuition Centre as my son attended the course for Year 10 entry in 2016 and I am pleased to announce he has just been accepted into Suzanne Cory High School! I can honestly say that sending my son to The In-Tuition Centre was the best decision I have ever made in respect to my son’s education. Under the guidance of Cecilia and the well-developed 20 weeks program, my son was not only well prepared for the Suzanne Cory School entrance exam this year but has achieved outstanding results in his current school semester subjects, as with the help of extensive 20 weeks program, his general knowledge has grown stronger as well as he has learned time management skills. He’s so thrilled to have been accepted! We’d like to thank Cecilia for her assistance, excellent teaching methods and hard work in helping my son achieve this wonderful result! Cecilia and all the tutors that assisted my son were fabulous! I know that my son will take this experience and knowledge with him throughout his future opportunities."