N. Narayanan (Parent)

“I came across The In-Tuition Centre, when I was randomly searching on the internet for a place to send my daughter, Thanushri, for select entry preparation. The last centre that we had enrolled her in had not met her learning needs.
Cecilia was a huge catalyst in my daughter’s success in gaining entry into MacRobertson GHS. My daughter enrolled into The In-Tuition Centre’s coaching for selective school exam with a clear goal of gaining entry into MacRobertson GHS, her dream school. Cecilia was able to provide valuable resources, strategic coaching and insight into preparing for the selective school exam.
As a parent I felt Cecilia was very approachable and had genuine concern over her student’s progress. She was set in helping her students achieve their highest potential. The materials provided by The In-Tuition Centre combined with Cecilia’s knowledgeable coaching and commitment paved a clear path for my daughter to achieve her goals. I was amazed by how my daughter’s confidence and knowledge level grew over a short period of time.
I would highly recommend The Intuition Centre. It is a place where every student is given the opportunity to succeed.”