Dakshi and Krishan (Parents)

We the undersigned would like to sincerely thank Cecilia for her excellent tutoring and mentoring of this course. Our Daughter Manisha went through a rigorous and tough 20 weeks program from February 2017 through to June 2017. However the course and revision program were excellent and the academic standard and course content were indeed outstanding. This very intense course gave Manisha a sense of academic achievement and confidence and improved all her academic skills to an elite standard. Manisha was selected to MacRobertson Girls High School for the 2018 intake and we as parents would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Cecilia for managing this course in an excellent and professional manner guiding Manisha and all the students in her class with empathy and her untiring dedication and passion for success. We wish Intuition and Cecilia all the best and extend our sincere appreciation.