Fadila Aruci

"I write this testimonial before the news of whether my eldest daughter has been accepted into the MacRobertson Girls’ High School. I noticed huge improvements in her understanding and grasping of Year 9 and Year 10 topics throughout the Select Entry Schools Examination Intensive Coaching Program you offer. She always looked forward to weekly Sunday class (and Saturday towards the end) and was excited to learn new topics. She is confident and now capable of writing comprehensive essays in minimal time, and you know she is excelling in maths when her test results surpass those of the two top extension maths students (one of those students is on a scholarship).

Before enrolling her, I researched several tutoring options. The In-Tuition Centre was the only of its kind – a five month intensive coaching program with weekly sessions, weekly homework and individual feedback on essay writing. Without a doubt in my mind, I was confident that this was ‘the’ preferred tutoring program that would see my daughter excel. Regardless of whether or not she is accepted into the MacRobertson Girls’ High School, I can see great improvement already. Hence, the reason I have enrolled her together with my second daughter (in Year 5) to attend the standard tutoring classes being offered. Again, my second daughter is also one of the top students in her year level. I believe she will be the top student by the end of the year.

I cannot wait to enrol my youngest daughter, who is currently in Year 3 and suffers from visual dyslexia. However, I have absolute faith that the In-Tuition Centre will be able to help her too, despite her own hurdles she must overcome.

Both daughters absolutely enjoy attending the centre. They believe they have ‘the edge’ over their peers and can’t help but feel super-confident at school. If you are reading this, please listen to me. As long as you are a supportive parent, encouraging your child to succeed and achieve their best, combined with weekly tutoring classes at the In-Tuition Centre, I sincerely believe your child will ‘have that edge’ over other students."