Celia Aurora T. Torres-Villanueva (Parent) 
B.S., LL. B., Ph.D.

"We enrolled our son, Angelo, in the Selective Entry Examination course in Year 8. Cecilia handled this course herself and provided an excellent learning environment for Angelo. She guided him towards discovering his talents and skills, then helped him polish them so he may excel. She provided a trove of valuable educational materials and resources, which Angelo used at the Centre and practised on at home. The wealth of materials was particularly important for Maths, where constant practice and exposure to as many different kinds of problems as possible are essential to success.

Angelo is excited to be starting at a Select Entry High School this year. His admission would not have been possible without Cecilia’s devotion to excellence and her assiduous preparation and tuition of her students for the challenging examinations.

Cecilia’s assistance and support does not stop at the examinations. We hope Angelo will continue to benefit from tutoring now that he is in Year 9. We will also be sending our daughters to The In-Tuition Centre soon, to follow in their brother’s footsteps and learn from the best tutors around!"