A. Rattan (Student)

“The In-Tuition Centre proved to be extremely helpful in leading me towards success in the Selective Entry School Exam. It paved a path for me to follow which was exactly what I needed. Cecilia's method of setting half of the lesson for tests helped me build up my stamina for sitting tedious tests like the Selective Entry School Exam. They also taught us all the topics in every subject for the other half of the lesson, and some techniques on how to do them quickly for the exam. Not only this but the thing that I found the most useful was after Cecilia taught us everything, she would hand us a booklet for homework which had not only English, mathematics, Verbal reasoning and Numerical reasoning work but it also included two essays that you were required to write so that they would be marked. I found that the markers really helped me towards exceptional writing because they would give you tips on how to improve and it immensely strengthened my writing skills. Overall, I think that without the In-Tuition Centre I wouldn’t have achieved what I have.”