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Srikaran is a fresh face to the In-Tuition Team, commencing as Sunshine Campus Manager in 2016. He will assume overall responsibility for the leadership and supervision of campus administrative operations. Srikaran is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at the University of Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, playing tennis and supporting the North Melbourne Football Club.







UntitledCHLOE LILKENDEY                              

Junior Maths Tutor

Chloe graduated from Christian College in 2011 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and planning on attaining her Masters of Education in the near future. While at high school, Chloe achieved Outstanding Academic Achievement awards in Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Information Technology Applications and Studio Art. 


“This will be my fourth year tutoring for the In-Tuition Centre and I have quickly discovered that teaching is my passion. I endeavour to teach students the complex theories and the tricks associated with difficult mathematical concepts in a simple and clear way. I look to cater to students of all levels, to be patient and thorough with those who struggle, and extensive and challenging to those who excel. There is no greater reward than to see improvement in my student’s abilities.”



Junior English Tutor

Sudeshna has graduated from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences Advanced (Hons) at Monash University. During school, Sudeshna has been a finalist twice in the Goethe Poetry competition and has been a keen debator for several years. After finishing school, she has become a registered adjudicator and also volunteers at AMES Australia in her spare time.


“Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding roles I have ever undertaken and one I take with great sobriety. Whilst sometimes viewed as the wishy-washy subject that lacks structure compared to its science counterparts, when taught properly, English can give students the confidence to excel. English has a strong foothold in every career so it is my greatest endeavour to cater to every students’ individual learning style and truly give them an appreciation for English literature that will last long after their years of schooling.”



Senior Maths Tutor

Peter graduated from Keilor Downs College in 2015 achieving an ATAR of 99.55. Peter is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. While at high school, Peter achieved Outstanding VCE Achievement Awards for Chemistry, English, Specialist Maths and Maths Methods.


“As a tutor, I endeavour to not only pass on the knowledge required to achieve academic success, but also an appreciation for the most important aspect of school that many students tend to overlook:learning. Mathematics in particular is a subject that has persistently been the bane of many students, however a fundamental understanding of this universal language is integral in all careers. Through my passion and guidance, I wish to empower students to develop hardworking ethics which will stay with them long after high school.”



Senior English Tutor  (Year 11)

Lara graduated as Dux of her high school in 2014, and is currently a Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in media and communications, and politics and international studies. During high school, Lara won the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth award, Lions Youth of the Year (Regionals Division) and was a Kwong Lee Dow Young scholar. Additionally, Lara participated in the debating team (placing 3rd in Victoria), winnning the Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) Swannie award for being the best debater in the Coburg region for two consecutive years, and helped to train junior school students in debating.


“Throughout school, I attended English tutoring (at the In-Tuition centre) and also tutoring for other VCE subjects several times a week to further expand my knowledge. I found that tutoring was incredibly valuable and is the reason why I am motivated to provide educational assistance to students and help them achieve their academic goals. As I attended a disadvantaged high school, I understand the difficulties and lack of resources some students may face. I will use my personal experiences, knowledge and skills to help all students with their studies. In particular, English is a compulsory subject and it is therefore vital that students have an in-depth understanding of this subject and are able to develop their writing skills to suit any topic given to them. “




Sciences Tutor  (Year 12)

Chenuka graduated from Penleigh Essendon Grammar School in 2015, achieving an ATAR of 99.70 and is now studying a Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery at Monash University. During high school, Chenuka achieved High Distinctions in the National Australian Chemistry Quiz (2010 – 2015), was an Outstanding Award Winner of the Melbourne University School Mathematics Competition (2015) and a Full School Colours recipient (2014 – 2015).


“During my own time at school, I have seen many different attitudes, styles and approaches to learning, some more effective than others. After my own academic successes, I am compelled to share what I believe are the skills and strategies that can lead any student to success. My prefered areas of maths and science can be daunting for some, but I believe through my passion and sensitivity as a tutor, I can foster a deep understanding and appreciation of these subjects, ultimately leading to my students’ academic success.