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Broadmeadows Campus

Ruwan graduated from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar in 2011. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Engineering at Melbourne University, and has been involved with engineering outreach programs held therein. Ruwan enjoys listening to what students aspire to be, and hearing what academic goals they have set for themselves.

“It is most rewarding to see dedicated students grapple with and eventually understand concepts that interest them. Understanding is the best product of learning led by curiosity.”






Junior Maths Tutor

Emily graduated from Strathmore Secondary College in 2014, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemical Engineering alongside a Diploma of Japanese at The University of Melbourne. During year 12, Emily recieved the VCE Premiers Award for her perfect score of 50 in Further Mathematics and Strathmore Secondary College Mathematics Award.


“As someone who comes from an area of socioeconomic disadvantage, I have always understood that a good education is fundamental for success in any pursuit. For me, providing tutoring evens the playing field for any student to match their peers and perform at their full potential and this drives my passion for tutoring other students. Helping them surpass far above expectations and inspiring confidence in themselves, particularly in the methodical world of mathematics is unforgettable every time.”



Junior English Tutor

Ashley completed the IGNITE Program for students with high intellectual potential at Glenunga International High School. In 2011 she graduated from Mount Barker High School, where she received the English Studies Subject Prize and an ATAR of 98.4. She went on to study at the University of Adelaide, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Geography, Environment & Population along with a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Microbiology & Immunology. Ashley is currently completing a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne, where she also works as a Research Assistant in the field of sustainability science.

 “I endeavour to empower students by helping them cultivate confidence in their life-long learning abilities, in a safe and inclusive environment. I feel privileged to be able to share my adoration for English studies and its ability to document, reflect and shape society. My interdisciplinary background has helped me embrace the invaluable importance of learning to think, write and communicate creatively and critically. Indeed, these skills are imperative to all young global citizens as they discover their passions in the classroom and beyond”


Senior Maths Tutor

Giovanni graduated from Melbourne High School achieving an ATAR of 99.30. While at high school, Giovanni was an avid tennis and soccer player. Giovanni attained a scaled 49 in Mathematical Methods and a scaled 52 in Specialist Mathematics and since high school has maintained a love of languages learning French, Italian and Korean. He is currently completing his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.  


“In having strived for academic success throughout my VCE and university studies, I believe that I understand the mentality that one needs to foster to enable them to succeed in their studies and I intend to impart that thinking alongside my tuition of Mathematics. Mathematics requires precision and meticulousness , but at the same time, it can be immensely rewarding and exists as an important foundation to tertiary commerce and science-related studies. I personally have a passion for learning and feel compelled to help students achieve their academic potential throughout VCE in providing all the assisstance I can as a tutor and friend.”



Senior English Tutor

Sean achieved great success in PEGS with an excellent study score of 99.75, showing excellent knowledge of the subjects he studied. Sean has had many years of tutoring experience, beginning tutoring in 2013, and starting his journey with TITC in 2014. He is currently studying Chemical Engineering, after completing his Commerce degree, at The University of Melbourne.. 


“Tutoring has been an excellent experience for me over the past years, in particular with TITC. I have experienced tutoring a range of students with different skill sets, and have always been happy to encourage, interact and work as a team with them to allow them to reach the pinnacle of success. The co-workers within TITC have also been excellent, intelligent people that have been a joy to work with.”



Sciences Tutor

Tobias graduated from Buckley Park College in 2012 achieving an ATAR of 99.20. Tobias is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne University. While at high school Tobias received the Buckley Park Academic Prize in 2010 and 2011, and also ran the Buckley Park German Club.


“For me, being a tutor presents a chance to stay immersed in subjects that I enjoyed very much in high school. Tutoring is also an opportunity to ensure students approach and enjoy the subjects as much as I did, coming to value their VCE experience. VCE science can be daunting for some students, so it is an absolute pleasure to help students achieve the best possible results in these subjects, and see them pursue science later on at the tertiary level.”