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I give permission for my child to attend The In-Tuition Centre.In the event of an accident or my son/daughter falling ill, I authorize The In-Tuition Centre to obtain any form of medical treatment deemed necessary by the staff present at the time of the incident. I also agree to pay all expenses incurred in obtaining any medical treatment required.

Although the operators and staff of The In-Tuition Centre will take the utmost precautions while my child is in their care, I agree that the operators and staff at The In-Tuition Centre are not liable for any injury, loss or damage that may be suffered by my child during his/her attendance at The In-Tuition Centre. Accordingly I agree to indemnify and forever release and discharge the proprietors of The In-Tuition Centre, their employees, contractors and agents from all liabilities arising from my child’s enrolment and attendance at The In-Tuition Centre.

I agree that tuition fees are term based and payable in full at the commencement of each term. The In-Tuition Centre is unable to refund, credit or transfer between students or to the following term monies for any unattended class/(es). I therefore agree that monies paid for any unattended class/(es) will be forfeited.

In the event that I agree to have private tutoring services at my home, I agree to provide a safe and friendly environment for the tutor who attends my home. I will ensure that there is adult supervision in or around my home at all times during those private tutoring sessions. If a lesson is cancelled, I agree to either reschedule for another time during the missed week or apportion the missed hour across subsequent lessons. I agree that such arrangement is dependent on the tutor’s timetable and must be arranged personally with the tutor.

The In-Tuition Centre reserves the right to cancel any or all classes (including private home lessons) at any time during the year. In the event of cancelled classes, any money paid for that class will be refunded. I understand that The In-Tuition Centre will not be made liable for any damages incurred as a result of cancelled classes.

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